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  • Dajuroka is a tribal word for a place of learning and the start of a journey to new and exciting worlds and vistas of knowledge. This wikis tries to emulate that journey in a virtual way. In Da Knowas a wiki is constantly growing over time and includes almost any aspect of the knowledge web. You will find links here to the necessary, the odd and the bizarre.
  • Some great knowledge sites already exist such as the Open Encyclopaedia and Wikipedia where much information is pushed out to the searching public. Unfortunately, no one site, no matter how large, even begins to replicate the vast information stored in even a small library of books lovingly written by a passionate and inspired author. Each knowledge site can be altered by anyone with a particular point of view and it may be some time till the editors catch up and clean up the information. Many sites become simple plagiarisms of these and other sites or display one individual's thoughts without any academic rigor. Very little of the material within this Wiki is original and is clearly built on the shoulders of many writers, researchers and authors past and present. I acknowledge all their original ideas, at least in spirit, as it can be challenging to find original sources of material or even the author, designer or photographer. Apologies are provided to anyone who feels the material is plagiarised and citations will be provided if provided or the material removed.
  • The future will emerge with hundreds, maybe thousands, of these Wiki styled collections, blogs and ebooks developing into vast libraries of virtual material. Dajuroka Industries plans to be there! Please enjoy your journey!