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To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. ― Victor Hugo

Welcome to Idaknow Books - a great little respite for those who love to explore and read books of all sorts. We aim to provide you with a wonderful selection of places to explore the web with links for learning about books, authors, plots, publishing,writing and in fact anything to do with the written word.

We link to the places discussed in your novels, link to movies and plays that are related - we can take you further and make your reading even more enjoyable. Enjoy your reading and surf with us.


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English Novel Awards

These are awards given to English language material.

Every year since 1975, the National Book Critics Circle presents awards for the finest books published in English.

Named after Pulitzer,_Joseph. The Pulitzer Prize is a U.S. award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature and musical composition. It was established by Hungarian-American publisher Joseph Pulitzer and is administered by Columbia University in New York City. Prizes are awarded yearly in twenty-one categories. In twenty of these, each winner receives a certificate and a US$10,000 cash award. The winner in the public service category of the journalism competition is awarded a gold medal, which always goes to a newspaper, although an individual may be named in the citation

Science Fiction Awards

Detective and Mystery Awards

The Edgar Allan Poe Awards® (the "Edgars®") are awarded annually by the Mystery Writers of America to authors of distinguished work in various categories of the genre.

Literary awards for mystery writers presented at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention since 1986, named for Anthony Boucher (1911–1968), one of the founders of the Mystery Writers of America.

Children's Books Awards

Culturally Relevant Awards

The Lammy is the most prestigious and comprehensive literary award offered specifically to authors who write books about the LGBT experience. Luminaries of the LGBT literary community are also recognized during the awards ceremony for their contribution to the field of LGBT literature.

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A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies ...The man who never reads lives only one.

― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

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